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MKCL's ERA Deployment

MKCL's eLearning platform: ERA (eLearning Revolution for All) is deployed on the local server of

  • MKCL’s Authorized Learning Centers (ALC)

  • Academic institution

  • University Department

  • Colleges

  • Study Centers

with personalized access to eContent for each learner, interim performance tests, personalized learner records, and analytical reports for the learning facilitators.

MKCL’s ERA deployed on a Local Area Network, is connected to Central Server through internet for new updates of content, assessment material, learner data.


Local Server Configurability

MKCL’s ERA is deployed on the Local server of a Learning Centre.
The local server is connected to MKCL’s central server through internet for

  • Centralized Learner details

  • Content and Assessment material upgrades

  • Framework upgradation

  • Result uploading

  • Remote evaluation and corrective feedbacks

  • Communication with learners and Learning Faciliators

Central Server Configurability

The Central Administrator

  • Monitors the ERA installation and activation at various Learning Centres, and provides installation related support based on the comprehensive deployment reports available on central server.

  • Publishes new e-content for courses, assessment material and makes them available for download at local central server.

  • Analyses performance records, and learning records uploaded by the Learning Facilitator from Learning centers.

  • Allocates the assignments to remote evaluators for evaluation and allows the evaluated assignments and marks to be downloaded in the login of Learning Facilitator.


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