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MKCL's ERA Framework - CDIT ERA
SCORM Compliance

SCORM which stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Mode (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based
e-learning. It defines communications between client side content and a host system called the run-time environment.
SCORM also defines how content may be packaged into a transferable ZIP file.

SCORM is a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. It is a collection of standards and specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capabilities that enables

  • Interoperability

  • Accessibility

  • Reusability of Web-based learning content.

SCORM is required

  • To control student access to courseware, track student progress, or monitor the effectiveness of the e-learning content

  • To control the studentís path through the content

  • To use the content for multiple new audiences in the future

  • To reuse parts of the content in future courses

ERAís LCMS has been designed to comply with SCORM standards. Special features such as Import Package can be used to import SCOs of other educational institutions or open courseware which can be made available to the students. Using Export Package utility, SCORM compliant learning unit can be made available for use on different LMS platform.

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