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MKCL's ERA User Specific Scenarios

In this section, we present user specific scenarios to demonstrate the integrated use of MKCL’s ERA Framework. 


Learners Scenario

This scenario presents some highlights of a

'Day in the life of a learner with MKCL's ERA'

A day in the life of a Learning facilitator’s with MKCL's ERA

The Learning Facilitator plays a key role of offering High Human Touch to the Learning Experience.

Role of Learning facilitator

To facilitate the learner

  • To help and assist the learner

  • To evaluate learner’s performance

  • To collaborate with the learners

For this, he uses special features made available in MKCL’s ERA for Learning Facilitation.

Features used by Learning Facilitator:


  • Activity calendar for Learners

  • Download content upgrades

  • Upload learning records

Evaluation and assessment

  • Download assessment material

  • Post assignment

  • Assignment evaluation

  • Personalized feedbacks

  • Upload results

Guidance and mentoring

  • Individual learning report

  • Individual assessment report

Learner Management

  • Learner login report

  • Password management


  • Announcements

  • Thought of the day

  • ePortfolio exhibition

  • Discussion forums

  • Academic chat room

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